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What are the most popular Smart Home Products?

Do you wish to make your home and/or office a lot more automated and smart but do not know which products and devices to start with? Well! We have got every detail covered here Step-by-Step.

Before diving into the Smart Home Products, what is a Smart Home exactly?

Make your Home/Office More Secure & Save Money at the Same Time!

A Smart Home has a convenient home setup with all the products and devices interconnected and controllable remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows you, as the homeowner, to completely control functions such as security, lighting, temperature, everything remotely!

What are the Top 2 essential Smart Home Products that you need to transform your Home into a Smart Home?

First, you will need a ClickSmart Hub Gateway that is basically your Control centre for all your Smart Home devices. The Smart Gateway Hub communicates with all the Smart home devices you have installed within your home through the Zigbee Protocol. This means that your Smart Devices will be functioning perfectly normally even if WiFI is interrupted. The ClickSmart Hub Gateway comes with a Manufacturer Warranty of 1 year.

ClickSmart Hub Gateway

Second, You will need a ClickSmart  Plug In Wifi Smart Socket that pairs directly with your WIFI and provides Voice control using Alexa and/or Google Home. Once connected, the smart plug can be controlled remotely with your smartphone through an application installed on it. The ClickSmart  Plug In Wifi Smart Socket comes with a Manufacturer Warranty of 2 years.

ClickSmart  Plug In Wifi Smart Socket

Now that you have your Smart Home Essentials installed, what more Smart Home products can you add?

Ezviz C6B  is a Plug and play Camera that allows for micro-SD card up to 128gb to be installed for recording & playback. When an object or person moves in the detection field the app sends an alarm and captures images in real time. Additional features of the Ezviz C6B include:

  • 1080p Resolution
  • Motion detection available
  • 7 metres night vision
  • 1 way microphone & speaker
  • Indoor use only
  • Current rating: 1A
  • Working voltage: 5V DC
  • Storage: 128Gb Max. (Micro SD Card - Not Supplied)
  • Field angle: 114° (diagonal)
  • DIMENSIONS: 34mm (W) x 58mm (D) x 116mm (L)
  • Finish: White
  • Product warranty: 1 Years
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi Secure Connection


Wi-Fi Secure Connection

The 270 Degree Surface PIR White will sense motion in any room it is placed. For instance, as you get up in the night, the 270 Degree Surface PIR White will automatically turn on a lamp when automated with the Smart Sockets or Smart Switching Receiver on the Click Smart+ app. Other features of the 270 Degree Surface PIR White include:

  • Protocol Zigbee
  • Control linked receivers through the ClickSmart+ app
  • Send activation alerts to your phone
  • Suitable for ceiling or wall mounting
  • Self-adhesive pad applied ready for installation
  • Ingress Protection IP20
  • Infrared Sensor 
  • Detection Range 7 metre
  • Detection Angle 170 degrees
  • Rotation 360 degrees 
  • Tilt Angle 90 degrees
  • Working Voltage 3V
  • DC Battery Type CR 2450 (Supplied)
  • Battery Lifetime 1 Year (Dependent On Use)
  • Dimensions 33mm (W) x 33mm (D) x 39.5mm (H)
  • Manufacturers Guarantee: 1 year
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  • June 15, 2024
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